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09-12-2014 | China | Corporate News

  • Holistic solutions of “Parts, Bytes & Services” for original equipment services and independent aftermarket
  • Explore new business opportunities in Telematics for automotive aftermarket

Shanghai - Bosch, the global leading supplier of automotive technology and services, presented its holistic solutions for Chinese automotive aftermarket at the Automechanika Shanghai 2014. The exhibits at the Bosch booth (B01, Hall W-1) integrated its wide range of spare parts and workshop equipments with diversified Bosch workshop concepts, showing that the company can satisfy both original equipment services and independent aftermarket. Bosch Automotive Aftermarket also brought its first product in Telematics, BV-Link, to the trade fair.

“We see an increasing demand from Chinese car owners for high-quality and diversified car services, which has brought both opportunities and challenges to automotive aftermarket companies,” said Mao Limin, Regional President of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket in Greater China. “With its holistic solutions of ‘Parts, Bytes & Services’, Bosch is committed to serving as strategic partner of our customers in original equipment services and independent aftermarket, thus providing Chinese car owners high quality parts and services during the entire vehicle lifecycle.”

All-round strategic partner for original equipment services

Building on its global experience and expertise in Product Life Cycle Management, Bosch is able to provide original parts and services for OEMs during both mass production and after the end of production of certain vehicle types.

To meet increasing diverse market requirements and help OEMs improve customer loyalty, Bosch also offers tailor-made (non-OE derived) spare parts for original equipment services at the same high standard, based on in-depth research of local market and car owners’ needs. Bosch’s all round support on the tailor-made (non-OE derived) spare parts include product design, development, manufacturing, training and trade marketing support.

Remanufacturing and Retrofit products from the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket further enrich its product portfolio to satisfy the different needs of car owners in original equipment services market. Besides diversified solutions in parts, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket also offers a comprehensive Automotive Service Solution including testing and diagnosis equipments, software, training programs, repair tools, technical information services, etc. for OEMs in the automotive aftermarket.

Bosch is committed to becoming an all-round strategic partner for original equipment services with professional Product Life Cycle Management, tailor-made product development as well as comprehensive Automotive Service Solution.

Diversified workshop concepts support the development of independent aftermarket

A diversified need from car owners in China is also accelerating the development of independent aftermarket. In the light of this market trend, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket offers modularized services and different workshop concepts to satisfy various requirements from independent workshops in China.

The Bosch Car Service Franchise, which is launched this November, offers franchisees all-round support including workshop set-up, facility management, business planning, workshop management, as well as customer-relation management. It aims to provide Chinese car owners with one-stop professional, reliable service at the same high quality standards across multiple car brands and models.

Moreover, Bosch launched another new workshop concept - the Bosch Maintenance Module (BMM) in China this year. It provides professional and reliable car maintenance services supported by Bosch training, an accessible parts-sourcing channel and branding elements. Up until now, more than 1,000 BMMs have been in operation nationwide.

Exploring new opportunities in Telematics

As Mao Limin, Regional President of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket in Greater China, puts it: “The innovation of Telematics has brought new opportunities to the automotive aftermarket. Bosch Automotive Aftermarket is actively exploring innovative products and business methods in Telematics to bring more convenient and comfortable service experience to car owners.”

At the Automechanika 2014, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket brought its first locally developed Telematics product - the BV-Link. This product offers car owners a series of services including fuel consumption monitoring, vehicle inspection, complete GPRS, route record, and maintenance reminders. It also provides feedback and graphs showing the rate of fuel consumption to car owners. Since this September, BV-Link has been put into test in Bosch Car Service Beijing company workshop. This is a pioneer product for the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket in China to explore new business opportunities of Telematics. In coming years, the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket will establish a professional team specialized in this field, furthering business in Telematics.


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