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价格 Price: [my_jiage]185 1212 8227

型号 Model:[my_xinghao]

品牌 Brand:

货期 Cycle:[my_huoqi]

货号 Number:

运输 Transport:

适配 Adaptation:[my_shipei]

Event Name: Bosch Double Platinum and Double Iridium spark plug Scratch Tickets Event

Event Target Group: End users who buy the designated package

Promotion Products: Bosch Double Platinum and Double Iridium spark plugs

Promotion Methods: Everyone who purchase Bosch Double Platinum and Double Iridium spark plugs is

able to attend scratch tickets event of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket by scratching off the scratch ticket

on the packing box to see the prize amount and use it on

How to use prize money:

1. Enter Jingdong website

2. Log in with your username and password (If you don’t have an username, you need to register)

3. Shop and press “Cart” to checkout.

4. Choose “Jingdong E card”

5. Type down your award number and password, then you can purchase or exchange for products of the same price.

The prize value can be used accumulatively, but not repeating (For example, Mr. Wang bought

two spark plugs, and he won 50 RMB and 500RMB,he can use 550 RMB bonus on Jingdong disposable)

Activity Time:2014/9/1~2014/11/30

Bonus Exchanging Deadline:Before 2015/5/30

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