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23-03-2015 | China | Corporate News

Winner of the test: Bosch Aerotwin Multi-Clip

  • Bosch Aerotwin achieves good wiping results – even at low temperatures
  • Bosch Twin Spoiler standard wiper blade obtains better results than other modern flat wiper blades tested by ADAC
  • Good results for processing quality and ease of assembly as well

Achieving a total evaluation of 2.0 (on a scale from 1 to 6 with 1 being the best possible result), the Bosch Aerotwin Multi-Clip flat wiper blade “easily” won this year’s ADAC wiper-blade test. With an overall result of 2.2, another Bosch wiper blade ranked second: the Twin Spoiler standard wiper blade. The German automobile club ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) tested a total of eight wiper blades from different manufacturers, all of them suiting a VW Golf IV. Among them were four conventional standard wiper blades and four modern flat wiper blades. Only three out of the eight tested wiper blades were evaluated as “good”

Bosch wiper blades obtained best results in all test categories

Contributing 90 percent to the overall result, wiping quality was the most important test criterion. At first, the wiper blades were tested in mint condition and then once again after 150,000 wiping cycles, exposure to artificial sunlight and continuous operation – at both 20°C above and 10°C below zero. The test winner Bosch Aerotwin Multi-Clip achieved the best results in almost all test categories. Only after being exposed to sunlight simulation and continuous operation, the second Bosch wiper blade, Bosch Twin Spoiler, obtained even better results. Moreover, the Aerotwin wiper blade was the only one to receive the rating of “good” under conditions of simulated winter operation as well.

High-quality material combination for optimum wiping performance

The Bosch Aerotwin achieves its excellent wiping results thanks to its custom-made Evodium spring strip perfectly adapting itself to the curvature of the windshield. This guarantees an even surface pressure and therefore enables perfect wiping performance at every point on the windshield. Thanks to the aerodynamic profile the wiper blade does not lift up, not even at higher speeds, and causes less wind noise. The Twin dual-material wiper rubber is elaborately constructed with a flexible back, a wear-resistant edge and smooth-glide coating. This design makes the wiper blade extremely resilient and ensures consistently high wiping performance under both cold and hot temperature conditions as well as when subjected to the influence of ozone.

The Bosch Twin Spoiler wiper blade stands out for its particularly robust and corrosion-resistant all-metal bracket system making the wiper blade resilient to all weather conditions. The wiper rubber uses dual-material technology. At it, the rubber back ensures smooth and even operation while the particularly hard wiper-blade edge combines thorough cleaning with low wear.

Easy to install thanks to Bosch universal adapter

The remaining ten percent of the overall results of the ADAC test were composed of processing quality, risk of injury when fitting the wiper blade and the comprehensibility of the assembly instructions. Both Bosch wiper blades achieved excellent results in these categories as well. For quick and easy fitting, the Twin Spoiler wiper blade comes with a pre-assembled Quick-Clip universal adapter. Aerotwin wiper blades also come with the Multi-Clip universal adapter already installed. It suits the different wiper-arm types of the most important passenger-car series on the European market. The QR code on the back of the packaging allows drivers to download videos about quick wiper-blade fitting onto their smart phones.


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