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  • Debut of the new "Automotive Service Solutions" business unit
  • Remanufacturing concept provides a cost-efficient solution for diesel vehicles
  • Combining online and offline platforms to deliver better user experience with improved products and services
  • Expanding the product portfolio of middle and high-end market to cover more vehicle models

Shanghai - Bosch, the global leading supplier of automotive technology and services, presented its holistic solutions concept of "Parts, Bytes & Services" at the Automechanika Shanghai 2013. The exhibit at the booth D01 in W1 Hall integrated a wide range of spare parts, workshop equipment and professional service network, showing the company can satisfy the growing demand for both original equipment services and the independent aftermarket. Also included in the exhibit were the new business unit established last year "Automotive Service Solutions" and the remanufacturing concept for diesel common rail components.

"Echoing the transformation of the industry and the booming of China's automotive market, it is crucial for Bosch Automotive Aftermarket to adapt to the revolution in automotive technologies as well as changing consumer demands, said Mr. Cheng Daniel-Siu-Wo, Regional President of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket in Greater China, "By introducing leading and innovative business models, we will be able to strengthen holistic solutions for local partners, help them seize business opportunities, and build up modern automotive after-sales services."

"Automotive Service Solutions" for modern workshops

With the development of industry and electronic technologies, automotive systems are becoming increasingly complex. That raises overall requirements for both workshop equipment and technicians. By being involved in all aspects of a workshop including the facility planning, provision of hardware equipment, software materials, service processes and technicians' training, "Automotive Service Solutions" can offer comprehensive, convenient and reliable assistance in building up modern workshops.

At the Automechanika Shanghai this year, "Automotive Service Solutions" showcased several new products. The twin-post automotive lift has completed the diagnostic equipment and further expanded the range of solutions. Also appearing for the first time on the booth is the locally-developed new-generation computer diagnostic unit KT660 and the new Beissbarth 3D wheel aligner - ML TECH+.

Diesel Remanufacturing Concept provides a cost efficient solution

With the widespread application of diesel common rail system in the Chinese market, Bosch launched the remanufacturing concept as a cost-efficient solution for diesel vehicles to fit the growing and diversified demands of after-sales services. In order to guarantee quality as good as the original parts, the Bosch remanufacturing concept can replace all key components, following standard procedures of production and applying the same quality standards and function tests. More importantly, remanufactured parts are offered at a lower price with faster delivery and the same warranty. In addition, the remanufacturing process scan save energy and reduce pollutant emission, which means they are more environmentally-friendly.

With the launch of the remanufacturing concept in 2012, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket is the first in China to remanufacture diesel common-rail system fuel injectors and serve both original equipment services and the independent aftermarket.

Improving products and services for better user experience

In China's automotive aftermarket, there is an increasing population of car drivers going online, meanwhile, the behavior of car drivers are observed to be diverse across regions. Placing greater emphasis on end users' experience, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket expanded service channels for end users and enhanced support for business partners with improved products and services. The Bosch Tmall shop, launched last year, not only sells quality spare parts to end users, but also collects direct feedback from them. In this year, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket has also started to provide online to offline car service for the car users in Shanghai, including regular maintenance and replacement of wipers, spark plugs and filters.

To better understand the demand of car users in different regions and strengthen the support for Bosch Car Service network, two Bosch Car Service flagship workshops opened in Beijing and Chengdu. As a part of the efforts on providing reliable and convenient one-stop services for the car users, both workshops also launched online service reservation. In the future, Bosch will continue to deliver better user experience through improved products and services.

Covering more model types with a diverse portfolio of spare parts

China's aftermarket is facing a myriad of challenges, including diversified model types and high turnover of products, car users will require more spare parts with higher quality. Following the megatrend, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket has broadened the existing product line and introduced a series of products, e.g. the new S6 storage battery for start/stop systems, precious metal spark plugs covering 90% of the high-end models, and new nozzles for diesel common rail system. The expansion of the product portfolio has greatly enhanced Bosch's competitiveness for high-end vehicles.

At the same time, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket is also expanding its product line for the mid-end market segment. Bosch's brake pads and filters have reached nearly 80% model coverage. The launch of new wipers also provides a more cost-efficient solution for car drivers. Every year, to fulfill the fast-growing market and diversified consumer demands, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket expands its program with nearly 1,000 more new part numbers.

About Automechanika Shanghai

Automechanika Shanghai is one of 12 exhibitions carrying the Automechanika brand name in the world. With ten successful events staged so far, it has already become the largest Automechanika show outside Germany. This year is the fifth time for Bosch Automotive Aftermarket to attend the exhibition.


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