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26-11-2015 | China | Corporate News

  • Spread out in major cities such as Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanjing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Tangshan and Kunming
  • Provide one-stop reparation and maintenance for multiple car brands and car types
  • Franchise Bosch Car Service offers all-round service and support, especially designed for franchise business partners in the independent automotive aftermarket

Shanghai – Franchise Bosch Car Service celebrates its one year anniversary with the 3 new franchisees opening-up in Shanghai. The workshops are spread out in major cities including Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanjing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Tangshan and Kunming. After a whole year’s recruitment, inspection and final establishment, the investors are from independent workshops, 4S dealer groups and previous Bosch Car Service workshops. Displaying a whole new standard image, they stick to the concept of “All-round high quality service from diagnostic to reparation” and provide technical and reliable one-stop car services and maintenance for multiple car brands and types.

Franchise Bosch Car Service was rolled out at the end of 2014. It inherits the core idea of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, which is “Parts, Bytes and Services.” Based on strong automobile technology and service experience in the auto aftermarket, Bosch provides all-round services and supports including world famous authentic parts, technology know-how, trainings and marketing campaigns & activities, workshop promotion strategies, etc., to make sure that car users all over the country can enjoy similar high-level of car services.

“Benefiting from leading car diagnostics and quality car service concepts, Franchise Bosch Car Service has gathered comprehensive information ranging from the source to the market. As a result, it will better help the franchisees promote their service standard,” said Yuan Xuming, General Manager of Bosch Automotive Technical Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd., adding, “We are very honoured to welcome these new partners in the system. This not only serves as an approval of Bosch’s authority of car maintenance, but also as a motivation to further improve Bosch’s all-round service packages in the future. ”

In addition to providing the initial one-stop solutions, professional car maintenance and services, multiple management trainings covering human resources, workshop operations and high quality products, Bosch has also put forward a value-added service package for the franchisees to help strengthen service awareness of workshop staff, optimize management system and conduct an integrated marketing method to offer services and products at a more attractive price level for all customers. In regards to technical support, Bosch started a franchisees’ hotline at the end of last year, and this August, a WeChat group was also set up to help solve potential technical problems. The consultant team has always remained devoted to supplying timely and practical services to the franchisees as well as building up an interactive and communicative platform between technicians in the workshops and technical experts in Bosch.

As one of the first franchisees in Shanghai, Shanghai Surpass Auto Sales & Service Corporate was set up in 2009 with a total area of 3600 square meters. There is staff of 25 in total and various maintenance facilities can be found there. Faced with increasing challenges from market as well as higher requirements of car maintenance techniques, Surpass needs to upgrade its overall technique and service levels in order to enhance its competitiveness in the market.

The standard operation procedures and modern operation management system in Bosch’s comprehensive service package highly strengthens the operational efficiency, information coordination between different departments and the workshop management analysis system.

“Nowadays, Chinese auto aftermarket is undergoing a process of integration, posing a fierce competition for most workshops. I believes that our cooperation with Bosch, the world-famous auto parts supplier, will vigorously promote overall service level of our workshop. ”, said Mr. Qian Junwei, General Manager of Shanghai Surpass Auto Sales & Service Corporate, adding, “The standard operation procedure for all service items remains a difficult issue within the industry. However, strong support on car parts purchase and technician training of SOP provided by Franchise Bosch Car Service perfectly fill in gaps while simultaneously satisfying our needs.”

Besides Shanghai Surpass Auto Sales & Service Corporate, the other two franchise partners, Rongtong and Lanjian Auto Maintenance Corporate are respectively located in Pudong and Songjiang district, also providing a convenient one-stop service for auto maintenance and reparation.

Franchise Bosch Car Service is always dedicated to establishing standardized, highly qualified service system as well as to maintaining a high-level car driver’s experience. In the future, Franchise Bosch Car Service will continue to provide all-round support specifically designed for Chinese independent auto aftermarket, including national and regional brand promotion, development of Wechat platform for car users, comprehensive technical service support and competitive car parts solutions.

Franchise Bosch Car Service will exhibit its comprehensive workshop solutions during the Automechanika Shanghai from December 2nd to 5th.


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